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    Felipa stood leaning against the gate post, her bare head outlined in bold black and white against the white parasol that hung over her shoulders. She was watching one of the troop herds coming up from water,—the fine, big horses, trotting, bucking, rearing, kicking, biting at each other with squeals and whinnyings, tossing their manes and whisking their tails. Some of them had rolled in the creek bed, and then in the dust, and were caked with mud from neck to croup. They frisked over to their own picket line, and got into rows for the grooming.

    Total Rewards for Talents

    People are Talents, not assets

    More than any other factor, our Talents remain fundamental to our success. We espouse a corporate culture which champions entrepreneurship, continuous learning & development, and LIFE-work priority. A career at HKBN entails Total Rewards for Talents that aren’t strictly monetary in nature. We also uphold Talents as priority number one – substantiated by how we treat our Talents with respect, offer exceptional flexibility and employment benefits, and provide them with copious opportunities to grow professionally. This Talent-first approach to business drives our capabilities to innovate and stay competitive.

    LIFE-work Priority

    Providing Talents with excellent work flexibility

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    Continuous Learning & Development

    Supporting life-long development remains a crucial example of how we treat Talents as priority number one

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    Aligning HKBN Talent interests with the company and HKBN shareholders’

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